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France - India - Singapore - China - Egypt

Worldwide Textile Air Engineering Specialist 

A vision come true

A vision started 15 Years ago when current Chairman Mr Grimal brought together 2 different companies, AMELIORAIR from France and LTG from Germany, to create a multicultural leader in its field of air conditioning in Textile industry, has come true.

With companies in France, India, Singapore, Egypt, Hong Kong and China, totaling 120 persons of over 15 nationalities, AESA Air Engineering combines the Rigor and Experience of European engineers, with the Flexibility and Adaptability of its Asian sales and engineering staff, giving to any project the most advanced engineered solution, with the best and most competitive equipments.

Taking its root from 4 famous companies, Ameliorair (1938 France), Air Industrie (1968 France), LTG Air Engineering (1925 Germany) and Kenya (1972 Italy), AESA totalize the experience of more than 10,000 installations running world wide, in a wide range of Industrial applications.

From these 4 companies AESA has inherited the full range of self developed proprietary equipments and the capacity to solve any technical problem with the most appropriate solution.

AESA main specialties are:

  • Textile industry such as Spinning, Weaving, Knitting for Cotton , Man made fiber, Wool preparation and Worsted spinning,
  • Non woven applications,
  • Other industrial applications,such as Tobacco processing factory, Glass fiber factory, Food industry etc.
  • Paper mill & Tissue industry

Our strategy of regional companies or offices in our main markets provides a network of service centers close to our customers, in addition AESA sales agents are present in all major countries, allow an immediate answer to any given problem.

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